We are group of people who have been enjoying the Kachnar Park for many years. We have seen it in all seasons through the years and have fallen in love with the unique beauty and charm of this natural reserve in Islamabad. Like everything in life, good things have to be cherished and looked after, especially green spaces that depends upon humans treating them well.

Over the years Kachnar Park environment has deteriorated for various reasons (lets not focus on why and how) therefore a group of people who are passionate about this green space we have decided that we will spend our own time and resources to improve the park environment.

We are not environmental activists, nor have political or any other agenda, everyone who can give time and any resources to help the park environment is welcome. We have no formal organisational structure except that we work like a team with a single motivations of keeping Kachnar Park beautiful. We meet every Sunday morning between 0600-0900 on the the walking track to clean the park, some of us come during the week days to water plants, repair benches and when possible chase CDA official (politely) to repair items that we are not supposed to temper.

We communicate via Facebook page and closed group, you can see our activities on Facebook page here .

You can also request to going the Facebook discussion group here