Friends Blog

22 Oct 2017

Today we start our clean up operation again at 0630, while last night we did few hours on the computer to see how we can improve our logo because it was not very visible in small size and most of us also wanted to see Squirrel in the logo as Kachnar Park is full of these beautiful creatures.

Here is the new logo we have created, lets see if this works better.

21 Oct 2017

Today we have taken one major step and have registered a domain name ( and have created our website as well. We are new to the website editing (especially worldpress) so please excuse any errors. Over the next few weeks we plan to do lot more on the social networks and online to spread the word.

We are fortunate to have friends with variety of  skills, some are physically active and take the burden of manual work, some are vocal and articulate our objectives and represent the park, while some are online geeks and use the power of keyboard.

You are very welcome to join us either in person every Sunday (0600-0900) in the park (here are the directions from Zero Point Islamabad).